What can ADVOCURA do for you

Contrary to what is often argued, it is not necessary to put an advocaat into play only after things have gone wrong. On the contrary. Consulting an advocaat timely can prevent problems in the future. Are you about to conclude an agreement? Make sure to have the agreement assessed, to ensure that it will have the intended legal effects.

Do you intend to draw up a contract? ADVOCURA will lay down the agreements in clear language and in a document not open to differing interpretations, to avoid disputes for the future.

Do you employ any staff? Make sure your internal rules are up to par and communicated properly to your employees. Do these rules meet the legal requirements? A short check can prevent possible problems.

ADVOCURA would like to get to know you and make a survey of the legal aspects that may play a role for you. Should it be necessary to make use of the legal expertise of ADVOCURA later however, there is no time lost assessing the bottlenecks. ADVOCURA looks forward to welcoming you soon. As the Dutch would say: the coffee is ready!