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As a litigation firm we are at home in litigation at various tribunals. We litigate in the field of contract law, employment law and liability law. Not only do we have a lot of experience in conducting ‘ordinary’ court procedures, but we are also at home in conducting special proceedings such as preliminary injunctions, proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber and disciplinary proceedings. If necessary for your case, we make use of all possible measures, such as levying attachments. Naturally we will discuss all options and possible risks with you upfront and together with you we will define the strategy. During the proceedings we will always keep you informed of the current status.

Contract law

In drawing up agreements, ADVOCURA ensures that the – commercial – agreements are presented in a transparent manner. ADVOCURA therefore not only assists you when there is already a dispute, but also at the conclusion of the agreement.

Even if there is a perfect agreement, it can still go wrong in the execution: the obligations are not fulfilled, not fulfilled on time or have not been fulfilled in the right way. ADVOCURA helps with defining the right strategy to come to a solution as quickly as possible.


Employment law

Employment law is in full swing. As a result, we continue to look at concepts such as employee versus self-employed, employee versus agency worker, agency worker versus payroll employee. New concepts also arise, such as platform work. ADVOCURA can advise you on this.

In addition, ADVOCURA also assists you in disputes regarding the employment contract, director’s disputes, competition disputes, transfer of undertaking and employer’s liability.


Liability law

Within your organization you can deal with liability law in various ways. Not only can you be held liable yourself, you may also have to claim damages yourself. ADVOCURA assists you in this. Whether it concerns disputes regarding commercial contracts (e.g. claims from clients, customers and creditors) or shareholder disputes, The ADVOCURA team has it in its fingertips.

In addition to disputes regarding commercial contracts and shareholder disputes, particular focus areas are directors’ liability, employers’ liability and professional liability.