International claims

On behalf of its clients worldwide ADVOCURA litigates in complex cases before the various courts in the Netherlands using its bold approach and solid experience whilst being practical and thoughtful.

Litigation in the Netherlands has become increasingly attractive in the last few years. For example, the Netherlands is an attractive country in which to bring a class action:

  • The Dutch judiciary is highly regarded worldwide;
  • In comparison with other countries, litigation in the Netherlands is less expensive;
  • The Netherlands is renowned for the speed with which legal proceedings are conducted.

In addition, with the introduction of the Mass claims settlement act (Wet Afwikkeling Massaschade in Collectieve Actie; “WAMCA”) it is now possible to immediately claim compensation in addition to a declaratory decision. Under the WAMCA, any representative organization can claim damages for an entire class of claimants on an opt-out basis. This form of collective redress opt-out system is rare in Europe and, where it does exist, it is limited in scope, whilst in the Netherlands it is for any type of claim and for any type of underlying claimant.

Furthermore, the Netherlands Commercial Court (“NCC”) opened its doors on 1 January 2019. The NCC aims to answer the need of the international business community and counsel for specialized, flexible and fast court proceedings in English, at moderate costs. If you are interested in learning more about the NCC, feel free to ask for ADVOCURA’s brochure on this topic.