We like to win

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We can think of all kinds of cliches, write nice stories about it, but it comes down to one thing: we love winning and want to achieve the best result.

We enjoy defining litigation strategies and conducting proceedings; we love winning, all the challenges that litigation offers and achieving the best possible results for our clients. However, we also understand that you would rather focus on your own business activities and would like to see legal issues resolved as quickly as possible. That is why we use an equal amount of enthusiasm and decisiveness to find, where possible, a solution outside the courtroom.

The ADVOCURA team, from renowned law firms, has years of experience in litigating for various tribunals, such as district courts and courts of appeal, but also, for example, the Enterprise Section  and various disciplinary courts and committees.

Our core values: effiency, a to the point approach and personal cooperation. In this way, ADVOCURA has everything in-house to provide you with expert support.